Initial consultation

You are welcome to contact me to arrange an initial consultation. I recommend that you provide me with all the necessary information in advance - so that I can provide you with the best possible advice during the initial consultation and ultimately assess what legal options exist in your case. There is a flat fee for this initial consultation. If you instruct me, the billing of the fee will also be discussed during the initial meeting. The personal support of my clients is of particular importance to me. For emergencies, I therefore always keep appointments free, even at short notice. You are welcome to contact me at any time at the emergency number 06641878919.


There are 3 types of billing:
-    according to the RATG/AHK
-    by hourly rate
-   agreement of a lump sum
I discuss with you before the assignment which specific type of billing I will apply in your case and conclude a fee agreement with you. This way, everything is transparent and you know what costs you may incur.