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Criminal Law
Especially in criminal law, the earlier a lawyer is consulted, the greater the likelihood that you will receive the best possible help. In criminal proceedings you have the right to consult a lawyer and to remain silent from the very beginning. Make use of your rights and contact me. The first The first interview with the police is essential for the further course of the proceedings.
Victim advocacy
Victims of crime need the best possible support, understanding and comprehensive counseling. I will prepare you for all steps of the proceedings and, if necessary, I will also assist your relatives in an advisory capacity.
Administrative Criminal Law
In contrast to judicial criminal law, almost every person comes into contact with administrative criminal law in the course of life, whether you parked incorrectly, drove too fast or even had your driver's license revoked. I will be happy to advise you whether it is promising in your case to take action against a penalty.
Interim legal protection
Interim injunctions often create the basis for ensuring that judicial assistance is not granted too late. Especially to protect against violence and invasions of privacy, it is important to respond quickly and effectively. Contact me to go down this path together.

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Describe your problem to me. By regular inquiries I will find out the facts comprehensively from you, in order to develop then a solution strategy. I will help you as a reliable contact person to solve your problem.